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Our Millennial Story

Coming from a family whose line of business has been jewelry for three generations – let’s just say we had pretty big shoes to fill. Both our grandmother and mother made a name for themselves by selling quality fine jewelry for decades.

And yet when we decided to venture into fashion jewelry, our “affordable luxury” idea was met with raised brows. Our mom said something along the lines of, “What? Why? What are you going to do with all your international courses in diamonds and gold?”

Okay, so maybe that’s putting it mildly. Fair enough, we’ve been raised with extensive jewelry knowledge growing up and were enrolled in professional gemology classes as soon as we graduated. Following their footsteps seems the natural expectation for us.

But times have changed and we are millennials who want to dive into our passion and interests while making our own contribution to society.

We created JEWELIERY as a brand of well-curated fashion jewelry pieces that delivers quality we can personally be happy with – all without breaking your piggybank.

To our clients, join us in our journey to do what we love, let's enjoy life's precious moments together and write our own story with it.

Peace and Love,

Martinez Siblings

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