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Jeweliery items are handcrafted and requires extra care to preserve and protect.

As with all kinds of jewelry, it is important that you treat it with care to keep it looking brilliant! 

Here are few tips that will help preserve your piece looking fresh:

  1. It is best kept in its original box or wrapped away in a pouch to prevent scratching with other surfaces.

  2. Avoid direct contact with perfume, cosmetics or other chemicals (even organic natural chemicals). This will cause the plating on the jewelry to fade and eventually cause it to tarnish.

  3. Do not immerse jewelry in water and remember to remove jewelry when bathing, showering or swimming. 

  4. Do not do chores, exercise  or sleep wearing your jewelry for your safety.

  5. Clean the pieces after use and occasionally wipe them with clean cloth to remove any residues.

Please be aware that with most fashion jewelry, these steps can only delay tarnishing and that over time (depending on the level of use) it will eventually still need to be replaced.

Gold/ Rhodium Plating

All our items are gold or white gold( rhodium) plated. With frequent use over time, the fine layer of gold plating may wear off, exposing the base metal brass underneath. The time that this takes varies depending on wearer’s body chemistry, how often its used and how it is cared for.



The base metal we use on most of designs is Brass. Brass is a yellow alloy of copper and zinc. In its polish state, it very nearly resembles gold but may gradually darken in color to when exposed to certain acidic elements which is why plating on top of brass is often done. This metal along with copper and zinc is known to be non-allergenic.


Stones and Accents

Most of our items are set with Cubic Zirconia in various colors and sizes. It is a laboratory made diamond simulant that so closely resembles the brilliance of real diamonds that it’s hard to tell them apart without magnifiers. Depending on the design, our items may also contain simulated Precious and Semi-Precious stones, Austrian Crystals, Acrylic Resin, Porcelain, Hand-painted Glass, Elemental baubles, Natural and synthetic beads.


Shell Pearl, Corals, Mother of Pearl, Genuine Freshwater Pearls

Most of the pearls used in our collection are simulated pearls made of coated natural shell, while some are accented with natural mother of pearl or coral elements. Limited edition designs may have genuine freshwater pearls. 

Fashion trends come and go and along with it follows necklace lengths. But the staple never-go-wrong necklace sizes are usually 14" for chokers, 16" and 18" for daily use and 20" for necklaces with pendants.

Do you want to know our secret to the art of layering necklaces? 

Classic 3-layer: 14" choker + 16" dainty necklace + 24" pendant necklace

Casual Chic: 14" dainty + 18" dainty necklace

Femme Fatale: 14" choker + 16" slim chain + 16" charm necklace

The question most commonly asked is, what necklace goes with what clothing neckline?

Answer: There are suggested guides but NO set rules. Experiement.


Life is not perfect. But your jewelry can be. 

Wondering what color of gems to give your loved one?




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